Mime Game releasing their first full length album ‘The Upswing’ this summer

Mime Game releasing their first full length album ‘The Upswing’ this summer

What started as a side project by talented singer/song writer and the bands front man Dillon DeVoe has transformed into an amazing group of talented musicians with so much heart for what they do. Mime Game from Kansas City, Missouri is scheduled to release their first full length album this summer. In light of this big release the band has some awesome stuff planned including a tour announcement and some upcoming shows one being the Independence Food Truck Festival June 11th. I got to talk with the band’s guitarist Colt Coan about what has been the most exciting part about creating ‘The Upswing’ for the band as a whole thus far and what their Summer plans were. He said “Once the album drops, we plan on hitting the road as much as possible to support the release. We also are already beginning the starting stages of planning for the next album as well, so that is going to keep us busy as well in-between tour dates. Something that a lot of people don’t know is that Dillon has had a good majority of these songs written and in the can for a long while before this album finished. So for us, it couldn’t have been a smoother process of just walking into the studio knowing what we were going for already and knocking it out. Working with Bret Liber as a producer was a fantastic experience as well. I think he really captured our sound perfectly.” I was able to review the full album, I won’t lie reviewing it turned into repeating my favorite songs a few times over because they were just that good. I expected it to be amazing and went in knowing it was going to be some of the best music out there and it was just that. I am so excited for the release and to be able to have a copy of my own and I encourage everyone to check them out. Each song on the album you can tell has so much heart poured into it with catchy lyrics backed by some dance worthy music they are by far becoming one of my favorite bands to listen to and as far as ratings go and my personal opinion it’s an easy 10 out of 10 for me, great, guys great music and their guitarist is absolutely adorable am I allowed to say that in my review? I have the biggest crush, hope he knows that. But really guys, this album will not disappoint you! I can’t wait to see all they do, they are definitely something special and will do amazing things throughout their music journey. To hear a teaser of their single ‘Fire’ and stay up to date on everything Mime Game visit their Facebook and be sure to support them and grab some merch!

The band:
Dillon DeVoe – Vocals/Guitar

Tj Murphy – Drums

Kevin Mears – Bass

Colt Coan – Guitar

Album Artwork Front

Album Art: Steven Kline


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