The Invisible World just released Color / Echo EP

The Invisible World just released Color / Echo EP

Kansas City alternative rock band The Invisible World  just released their new EP “Color/Echo April 29th on iTunes, amazon, Spotify and all other major online sales platforms. Presenting a very upbeat and fun sound I found the lyrics and music to just be very positive, uplifting, catchy and just great all around.

I was able to chat with the bands front man Jesse Collins about what has been the most exciting things that have came from the release of their EP and what their plans were to follow. Jesse said – “It’s hard to pick just one exciting moment that has come from the release of the EP. We have had some pretty cool opportunities pop up since the release. (Playing Boulevardia as one example) But I think the most rewarding thing is seeing people’s reactions after listening to it for the first time. Especially after the long, sometimes grueling recording process that we went through. We are booking a lot of road dates. So we will have more updates on those throughout the summer.”

Their music definitely shows the hard work and dedication they have put into this release! You can find The Invisible World on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and their music on all major online sales platforms! If you are interested in directly purchasing their albums or merch you can do that here!

Be sure to catch the guys at Boulevardia in Kansas City Saturday June 18 on the QDOBA Native Flavor stage!

Brandon Woodall “Woody” – drums

Jesse Collins – acoustic Guitar/lead vocals

Bryce Veazey – guitar/backup vocals

Jon Gibbens – bass guitar

Ara Woodall – guitar

Color / Echo

The Invisible World

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