Walking Dead Fan Favorite in Jeopardy?


For those avid fans of the critically acclaimed Walking Dead series, many of you probably tuned in for Talking Dead a few days ago to see a sneak peak at Fear the Walking Dead, but most importantly to see a sneak peak at Season 7’s The Walking Dead. Well from what we got in the 52 second bit was pretty much a mind blown scenario many were hoping wasn’t going to happen.

After the very angering cliff hanger of Season 6’s finale and the introduction of the titular and most dangerous antagonist yet in The Walking Dead series, Negan, our group of survivors are kneeling before Negan ready to soak Lucille (his bat’s name) in someone’s blood for killing too many Saviors. But we don’t know who “got the honor”.

Fans know who Negan kills, at least in the comics, which is Glenn. However the television adaptation hasn’t really gone along with the comics at times, just using them as more like a guide. Hell, Andrea is still alive in the comics and has a relationship with Rick Grimes; AMC probably killed Andrea off in the television series due to her negative feedback of fans. So will Glenn be safe then after the small snippet we got from Talking Dead? From the clip we see Dwight, a leader in the Saviors and a very big character in the comics. While there is no dialogue the scene says it all: he’s wearing Daryl’s biker vest. For many, Daryl Dixon has been one of the biggest characters of the series, sometimes even bigger than Rick Grimes; however no one knows of Daryl’s fate since his character was created by AMC and isn’t in the comics at all.

So what do you think this clip means? Is Daryl claimed by Lucille or did Dwight just steal the vest? I guess we’ll find out come this October; but in the meantime we can still get our zombie fix from Fear the Walking Dead’s second half of Season 2 coming back August 21st.

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