Lethal Weapon  TV Series

Lethal Weapon TV Series

Well we saw an excellent movie series butchered by a television reincarnation: Rush Hour, which premiered on CBS and first aired at the end of March 2016. However for the most part, this series was a flop and CBS pulled it from its programming; however they wanted to finish it and aired the remaining episodes.

So now here we are with another television series that is re-imagining a very iconic and impacting movies series: Lethal Weapon. Based on the track record of the television studios wanting to bring back iconic film or television series’ to the current generation, we can only assume what will become of the Lethal Weapon series that is due to come out this fall. Hell, everyone is panicking a little with the new Star Trek series that is set to debut early next year after the failing Enterprise series; and let’s not forget the titillating X-Men spin-off television series Legion that is set to debut soon as well.

With the Lethal Weapon television series we have Damon Wayans playing as Roger Murtaugh, in which Danny Glover portrayed in the film series; partnering with him is Martin Riggs,who is played by Clayne Crawford (Martin Riggs was portrayed by Mel Gibson in the film series).

According to the producers this is a re-imagining of the Lethal Weapon series and telling a new story for the current generation between these iconic characters. But with this we have seen how film-to-television series can pan out, and it hasn’t been very well received or accepted. I guess we can only wait and see toward the end of September for the pilot episode to air, but so far the cards are not stacked in their favor.

Lethal Weapon is set to debut on September 21st, 2016.

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