The Walking Dead Season 6 Surprise

The Walking Dead Season 6 Surprise

When the sixth season of The Waking Dead began to air last year we had high expectations for it. Hell, the comic series took a turn that shocked everyone at this time. So when The Walking Dead began to air, we had hoped that the series would incorporate as much as it could to invigorate the series. We were taken by storm and then flushed down the drain when the season finale finally aired. But that was only the watered down version.

From the avid fans of The Walking Dead, they all knew that Negan was nothing like he was portrayed in the season finale of The Walking Dead; Negan is foul mouthed, egotistical yet tactically smart and brilliant. So when The Walking Dead finally was released to home media we were caught off guard with a certain feature in the DVD set.

Apparently The Walking Dead Season 6 finale actually had a different ending where some ‘choice words’ for the Negan introduction were used. Hell, he used around 26 F-Bombs and more. The ‘actual ending’  as many will soon begin to call it, will show the true face of Negan and how the character actually acts in the comics. This character is something that our zombie survivor group has never faced before. He is smart, tactically sound and willing to do whatever is necessary to make sure he and his group stays alive.

This is the Negan that we have all been waiting to experience; and we have a good actor to portray him as well.

The Walking Dead Season 6 is available for digital HD and Blu-Ray/DVD now.

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