(WARNING: Graphic Language and Violence) GTA V VR Tutorial by THE REAL Trevor Philips!

GTA V is perhaps one of the bestselling games in Rockstar’s arsenal to date with DLC and other addon’s still being released since the game’s inception three years ago. Even though there are major controversies that swirl around the GTA series, such as the graphic violence the character can dish out and especially the controversies of the series and its depiction of women, the Grand Theft Auto games have still garnered critical acclaim.

So when this video surfaced not even twenty four hours ago, we at RewindSTL had to view it and can honestly say that it is a very impressive short film, especially since it is a fan film that features the man behind the voice of one of GTA V’s iconic main characters: Steven Ogg, who voices as Trevor Philips (and is Negan’s right hand man in Season 7 of The Walking Dead if anyone wanted to know).

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