Special Operations Way in on Ghost Recon: Wildlands….and it’s Pretty Damn Awesome!

Ghost Recon: Wildlands hit the shelves earlier this month and we can honestly say that it has been a very successful launch. While there are still some bugs to sort out, the game has already be critically acclaimed as the best Ghost Recon released to date and already has an immense following.

However, we now know that it has a following in our military’s Special Forces as well! The video you will see here is just one of many of our current and former Special Forces operators chiming in on the realism of Ghost Recon: Wildlands. So goes to show that the creators of Wildlands actually did their homework, or a little at least, to have our nations very finest chiming in on its realism.

We hope you enjoy!

*Remember: this video is the first of a few that was released that current and former Special Forces operators have partook in. So look the other videos up; they’re pretty interesting!

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