It’s Here! Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Teaser Arrives!

Let’s face it: the Star Wars franchise is a booming monopoly that both Lucasarts and Disney just doesn’t deny and openly utilizes its full potential. From comics to video games to the cinema and beyond, Star Wars is a franchise that has revolutionized the film industry and more.

When Star Wars: Battlefront came out back in 2015 it was met with both critical acclaim and panned criticism all at once. Herald for its graphics and combat system to the horrid fan feedback of the lack of a single player campaign, repetitive combat and having to mainly play the game through the Internet, Star Wars: Battlefront was met with all kinds of criticism. But there was a saving grace that later began to arise; there was the rumor that DICE was developing a sequel. Well we were met today with a short yet very satisfying teaser for Star Wars: Battlefront II!

While most of its content is very hushed, we can confirm that there will be a single player campaign that will span across the different eras of the Star Wars trilogies!

Watch the teaser and see what you think!

Star Wars: Battlefront II is slated for release later this year.

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