It’s Here….Star Wars: The Last Jedi Teaser!

There are no words; I am lost for words right now. Seeing this trailer just sent chills up my spine, especially Luke’s dialogue at the very end of the trailer. From watching the beginning with Luke training Rey to a particular major battle on salt flats, I think that this movie may surpass The Force Awakens, and perhaps Rogue One even (which is my favorite so far after Empire Strikes Back).

But it looks like we might be getting into some territory we have not really trekked before, at least not in the feature films. From what we could tell in the trailer, it appears we may be seeing how the Jedi officially started; while many of us Star Wars connoisseurs know how such events started you have to remember that once Disney bought the rights to Star Wars, everything went out the window in terms of what is canon and what is not. So, according to Disney, the events that started the Jedi and the Sith that we know of are not canon except for what we have seen in some of the animated series that have been deemed canon such as Star Wars Rebels.

Not much else has been revealed save for this lovely gem of a trailer; with only eight more months to go I firmly believe that there will be a lot more revealed over the course of the remaining months.

Enjoy the trailer!

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