We’re Going Back to D-Day….Call of Duty:WWII Trailer Reveal!

Oh how we have been waiting for this for years people! The developers of Call of Duty have been hashing out COD (short for Call of Duty) after COD for the last few years, however the titles have been tanking more and more with each release with their latest entry, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare doing the worst; I mean it’s tanking worse than Advanced Warfare, and that game was just shitty.

Perhaps the most successful COD game to date since the Modern Warfare Trilogy (which in my opinion is the best in the series) is Call of Duty: Black OPS II; the game, being an Xbox 360 title, has online multiplayer servers still up and running. But since then it seems like the COD developers are trying just too hard to create a breathtaking, first person shooter that no one has played before. I mean let’s face it people: the last couple COD titles are almost like playing crappy Halo offshoots. I’ll admit though, I did like Infinite Warfare, mainly because I am a sci-fi junkie. But other than that, probably the most successful titles to date is the Modern Warfare Trilogy, Black OPS and Black OPS II.

But now we are going back to the World War II era with COD’s latest installment, and from the trailer we’ve seen, the developers aren’t holding anything back on this one. It seems that they’ve finally taken the fan criticism to heart. It has also been revealed that during the single player gameplay your character’s health won’t regenerate if you’ve taken damage and your ammunition will not automatically fill back up, forcing you to rely on your medics and others in your squad to help you, providing a brutal sense of realism.

Call of Duty: WWII will be available November 3rd.

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